Adhistam Smokeless Camphor
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  • Does not emit dangerous fumes
  • Enviromentally friendly 
  • Used by (Chinese and Hindu) in temple for Worship
  • Highly flammable and used as fire starter
  • 100% Made In Malaysia

Adhistam Smokeless Camphor (sudam) is without smoke and those who don’t like the smoke can use this champor.

Native to Eastern Asia, the evergreen Camphor tree grows largely in cold climes, several hundreds of feet above sea level. Reaching almost a height of hundred feet, Camphor tree, known as Cinnamomum camphora in botanical terms, derives its name from ‘kinnamomon’, which indicates ‘spice’ in Greek. The word ‘camphora’ too derives signifies the Greek ‘kamfora’, meaning ‘tree’.


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